• Focus pulling

    Pro video and cinematography is exclusively manual focus. Usually, a dedicated person, called a focus puller does the actual focusing, but some camera operators prefer to pull their own focus. Focus control is done with a device called a follow focus. Changing focus is called a focus pull. Rack focus is another term, although its mostly used to describe large focus pulls, for example from one actor to another. A follow focus is not strictly necessary as you can manually turn the focus ring. However, having one on your camera allows the operator or focus puller to be more efficient and precise.

  • Cameras are like dogs

    Cameras are like dogs, you can never have too many. Some people have a camera for each day of the week. Other people subscribe to the notion of one camera one lens to allow them to concentrate on the subject matter. I’m not sure that helps too much. You can never have too many cameras. Lens notes helps with everything else.

  • Follow focus

    A follow focus is a camera accessory device. It uses gears to allow the camera operator or focus puller to control a lens’ focus ring easier and more precisely. The follow focus has a knob (or two) attached to a body and mounts on rods under the lens. A cog on the follow focus interfaces with the teeth on the focus ring of the cine lens.

  • Clapper Loader

    Clapper loaders are an integral part of any camera department. Also called second camera assistants (2nd AC), they support the work of the focus puller (1st AC) and camera operator. The work of clapper loaders is very technical and requires a great deal of organization and concentration.

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